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Virtual tour

Welcome to the Medical Home Odrex!
Medical Home Odrex - is a leading diversified private clinic in Odessa, established according to the successful world medical experience to provide professional medical care for adults and children.

Today Medical Home Odrex has no analogues in the South of Ukraine in terms of equipment and quality of services. The basis of its work is European diagnostic and treatment protocols. Advanced diagnostic equipment from the world famous companyToshiba allows to conduct unique research to detect disease at the earliest stages of development. Medical facilities of the Medical Home Odrex – is a daily upgraded structure, which includes all of the most modern methods of conservative and surgical treatment.


Having withstood the test of time in the process of everyday work we formulated the mission of the Medical Home Odrex: «Save the most valuable." We work to preserve the health of the nation by introducing advanced technologies and using the achievements of the world of medicine in the practice of Ukrainian health care.

Medical Home Odrex – is a modern clinic of family medicine in Odessa, which was created according to European standards. There is a therapeutic department, an intensive care unit and a department of surgery. Achievements in the area of vascular surgery – is a source of pride of the Medical Home Odrex.

We invite you on a virtual tour of the Medical House Odrex with Alexander Smirnov, Head of Surgical department, Vascular Surgeon, Microsurgeon.

The Medical House Odrex gathered the best representatives of the medical profession. Each of our specialist – is an expert in his area. This is a constellation of professionals of the highest class: Honoured Doctors of Ukraine, Professors, PhDs, the best specialists with years of experience. We highly  appreciate the professionalism of our team, but do not stop improving. The desire of each of our expert – is daily successful results of his own work, inspiring for new victories.

Odrex is your Medical Home!

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