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Yuriy Babinets

Chief of Staff

I came into medicine more than 20 years ago on the recommendation of my father. Today I can be proud of my reputation among my colleagues. I have also gained the respect of my patients. But, I'm sure, my greatest achievement is yet to come ... 

Highest qualification in surgery and management of public health service.

Alexander Smirnov

Head of Surgical department, Vascular Surgeon, Microsurgery.

Medicine has brought me a dream that comes true every day when I help my patients regain health in the most difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.

22 years work experience. Specialty: surgery on veins and arteries; surgical treatment of varicocele; operation to restore the nerves, tendons and blood vessels after limb injuries; surgery on  blood vessels aneurysms.

Vitaly Vansovich

Doctor of Medical Science: surgeon of the highest qualification

Work experience of 32 years. Specialty: Surgery of the abdominal cavity and thyroid, laparoscopic surgery; surgical operations of any complexity including abdominal hernias and surgery for thyroid diseases.

Nikolai Turchin

Orthopedist—traumatologist of the highest category; Honored Doctor of Ukraine

I'm doing my favorite thing. My greatest professional achievement is the health of my patients. 

Work experience of 23 years.

Sergey Bondar

Surgeon, Mammologist-Oncologist; Honored Doctor of Ukraine

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Work experience of 32 years. Specialty: surgery for diseases of the mammary glands, including oncology.

Ilya Pekarskiy

Spinal surgeon (Israel)

International instructor in spinal surgery. Work experience is 27 years. Specialization: treatment of intervertebral hernia; treatment of osteochondrosis; surgery of the cervical spine; surgical treatment of tumors of the spine; treatment of fractures of the spine; replacement of the intervertebral disc; endoscopic spinal surgery; correction of spinal curvature.

Alla Shevchenko

Head of Medical and Diagnostic Center, Cardiologist, Internist, Family Doctor

I am grateful to my mother for the advice to dedicate my life to medicine. Today, my greatest joys are my patients who have entrusted me to take care of their health and the health of their families.

28 years work experience.

Yuriy Goranskiy

Doctor of Medical Science. Major neurologist of Odessa region. Neurologist of the highest qualification

Oleg Tarabrin

Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, anesthesiologist-resuscitator

Medicine - this is my vocation. In school I wanted to help people and implement my knowledge and capabilities in this area.

Work experience 30 years. Head of the centre of European education in anesthesiology (Odessa), member of the Committee for European education in anesthesiology.  Project Manager for the production of hardware and software systems for studies of the properties of blood.

Vyacheslav Tsalko

Head of Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

I went into  medicine due to my curiosity. Since then 17 years have passed and my interest in the profession is still not quenched.

19 years work experience.

Alexander Antonyuk

Oncosurgeon of the highest category, oncootolaryngologist

Family tradition has led me into medicine.

Work experience of 26 years. Сreator of the profile department of the head and neck tumors in the Odessa region

Vladimir Sazhiyenko

Plastic Surgeon

Work experience is more than 10 years.

Paul Samoilov

Oncologist— mammologist of the highest qualification

The ability to communicate with patients, people who are sick, is one of the duties of the Physician.

Work experience of 32 years. 

Mikhail Anufriev

Obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category

All the relatives on the maternal line - the doctors . I decided to continue the family tradition .

29 years of work experience.

Struts Gennady

Neurosurgeon of the highest category

David Makhatadze

Surgeon of the first category

I always wanted to help people. Medicine is a good way to do it every day.

18 years work experience. Specialty: Surgery of the abdominal cavity; hernia of the anterior abdominal wall; benign skin and hypoderm tumor.

Peter Sytnyk

Vascular surgeon, Microsurgery

I am a hereditary doctor in the second generation. Medicine is natural to me.

Specialty: surgical treatment of varicose disease; reconstructive surgery on the arteries; microsurgical intervention on the hand and forearm.

Sergey Kulish

Vascular surgeon, Microsurgery

I'm proud that I can help people and perform complex surgical interventions on vessels using modern equipment. I really want to change society's attitude toward medicine and medicine to society in favor of universal human values.​​

15 years work experience. Specialty: operations on varicose veins; operations on the hand and forearm; recovery operations in case of injuries.

Alexander Kravchenko

PhD, Associate Professor, Surgeon of the highest category

I am a doctor in the third generation. Love towards medicine in our family is inherited.

19 years work experience. Specialty: gall bladder and ducts operation; hernia surgery; gastric surgery; bowel surgery; thyroid surgery; urgent abdominal surgery.

Oleg Morye

Surgeon, Proctologist highest category

I understand people very well, and I feel the pain of people. For me medicine is an opportunity to alleviate the suffering of everyone who needs it.

Work experience 27 years. Specialty: Proctology operations of any complexity.

Andrey Fomin

Surgeon of the first category

There is something, in front of which the indifference of the constellations and the eternal whisper of the waves draw back - the act of man, which is depriving death of its prey.

Work experience of 15 years. Specialty: General Surgery; Urgent Surgery; Laporoscopic Surgery.

Alexander Konopko

Urologist, oncologist of the highest category

Work experience - 17 years

Stanislav Barybin


Work experience is 5 years

Alexander Grigorenko


Work experience is 13 years

Denis Karpegin


Work experience — 5 years

Savely Uzun

Surgeon-endoscopist of the highest category

I am glad that I can help people.

Work experience 12 years.

Mikhail Kolesnik

Surgeon-endoscopist of the highest category

I always wanted to help people be healthy and enjoy life . So I decided to connect my life with medicine.

Work experience is 37 years.

Vladimir Vasilyev

Doctor of Medical Science, gastroenterologist of the highest category

25 years of work experience.

Iryna Vasylchenko

Gastroenterologist of the highest category

Work experience is 17 years

Dmitry Sereda


Viktor Tkachuk


Work experience is 20 years.

Ruslan Buza


Work experience is 3 years.

Igor Tendit


You ask what has led me into medicine? I cannot tolerate the pain of others.

28 years work experience.

Natalia Chernaya

Doctor of ultrasonic and functional diagnostics

I can be proud that I was one of the first in Odessa who mastered ultrasound of the heart — in 1988. Today, my main specialization — echocardiography.

Work experience 28 years.

Ada Dronova

Doctor of functional diagnostics in cardiology

What is my greatest achievement in the profession? Of course, my professionalism. And I have come into medicine solely because of the compassion for sick people.

Work experience 42 years.

Andrew Demskiy

Dermatovenerologist of the highest category

15 years work experience.

Vadim Kotsarenko

Allergist, immunologist

Work experience is 20 years

Victor Melyohin

Otolaryngologistof the highest category

In medicine, I was led by the desire to be useful to people. And, of course, the family tradition. I — a doctor in the third generation. Today, one of my biggest professional achievements is radical surgery of the ear.

Work experience 34 years.

Irina Baydan

Cardiologist, PhD

Quote 25

18 years work experience.

Liliya Russkih

Endocrinologist of the second category

Work experience 11 years.

Zayada Khaldun Mohamedovich

Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, pediatric gastroenterologist, endoscopist

I became a doctor because I love people and want to help when they are ill .

Work experience 25 years. Author of the new technology in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gastritis and gastroduodenitis.

Dmitry Gavrichenko

Anesthesiologist, PhD

Today, my work — is the introduction of innovative technologies in the fight against pain.

Sergey Shcherbakov

Anesthesiologist, PhD

The desire to help patients to overcome pain makes me improve my work all the time.

Work experience 11 years.

Anna Mazurenko


Kushnir Ekaterina


I see my mission in helping people and seeing how my actions bring relief to the suffering people and let them  smile again.

Work experience 5 years.

Dmitry Burian


Oleg Taneyev


In medicine, I was brought by a dream to help those who need it.

Work experience 9 years.

Tatiana Ilicheva


Work experience is 12 years

Sergey Fernandez de Reeves

Neurologist of the highest category, PhD

Work experience is 11 years

Sergei Loskutov

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics of the highest category

Work experience is 32 years

Natalia Grin

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Medicine — is the dream of my childhood.

Work experience 12 years.

Tatiana Krasnichenko

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Human is happy when his soul is a harmony. To help and be useful to people - it is my harmony!

Work experience is  5 years.

Alla Illyashenko

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Olga Shulga

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Like many colleagues a family tradition led me to the medicine.

10 years experience.

Taras Dushenchuk

Ophthalmologist. Ophthalmosurgeon

My parents helped me to choose my destination. Now not only me but also my patients are grateful to them.

Work experience 15 years.

Valentina Kosakovskaya


Lyudmila Shevchenko

Ophthalmologist, pediatric ophthalmologist

The biggest professional achievement for me is the ability to work with children.

Work experience is 13 years.

Larisa Guchenko

Сhildren neurologist of the highest category

Work experience 26 years.

Veronica Neporada


The second place in the Biology Olympiad and my dream led me into medicine.

9 years work experience.

Svetlana Kostetskaya


Love to medicine and family traditions have defined my profession. Health and respect for patients — my core values.

12 years of work experience.

Olga Kulish


Inspired by the example of my parents, I dedicated my life to medicine. I sincerely love my work and happy to take care of the health of my patients.

Work experience 8 years.

Larissa Lyubomirskaya

Gynecologist, pediatric gynecologist

Work experience 28 years.

Dmitry Anufriev


Inspired by the medical business of my father, I decided to dedicate my life to the fight for the fragile health of women.

5 years of work experience.

Valentin Kornienko


The desire to help people to be healthy has led me into medicine .

6 years of  work experience.

Andrei Koltun

Pediatrician of the highest category

I'm glad I found my calling. I help children to recover.

13 years work experience.

Galina Vinogradova

Infectiologist of higher category

The biggest achievement for me is the health and happiness of young patients.

22 years of work experience.

Raisa Sarakul

Therapist of the highest category

Work experience is 24 years.

Anna Draganiuk


Being a doctor is my childhood dream

Work experience is 5 years

Claudia Sidorova

General practitioner, family doctor of the highest category

I always dreamed of becoming a family physician. Now I am very glad that my dream has come true. 

Work experience 44 years.

Iryna Savenkova

Marina Klochkova


Work experience — 9 years.

Irina Mayorova

Speech therapeutist

Mikhail Lyubchak


Work experience of 7 years.

Maria Umetskaya


6 years of work experience.

Oksana Grischuk


Nadezhda Gorbay

Head Nurse

Work done well and positive team relations is the main principle of my work.

Work experience of 37 years.

Valentina Gluschak

Head Nurse of the Surgical Department

The illness of my father led me to help alleviate the pain of others.

27 years work experience.

Olga Labunskaya


Quote 4

17 years work experience.

Svetlana Storozhenko

Oleg Savelyuk


I am proud of my work in  Medical Home Odrex.

15 years work experience.

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Medical Home Odrex includes many leading experts in Odessa and Odessa region. This is the doctors of highest qualification with many years experience. Due to these doctors, an impressive list of patients have received healthcare here. Foremost, doctors of Medical Home Odrex are people who can feel the pain of another person as his own. They are compassionate, empathetic, and experienced.  In any situation, when you need professional medical help, they will be happy to take care of you and your family.

Medical Home Odrex provides medical care in following specialties: 

  • Surgeon
  • Urologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Radiologist
  • Neurologist
  • Psychologist
  • Gynecologist
  • Allergologist
  • Physiatrist
  • Speech therapist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Orthopedist—traumatologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Proctologist
  • Mammologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Oncologist
  • Oncosurgeon
  • Vascular surgeon
  • Dermatological oncologist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT)
  • Family doctor
  • Masseuse

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