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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Toshiba Vantage Atlas Z is one of the most modern, informative and accurate methods. It can detect pathological changes in the earliest stages of the disease — from 3 mm. MRI is used for surveys of all organs and body systems.


Especially this method is effective for the diagnosis of:

  • Abdominal organs
  • Thorax
  • Brain and spinal cord
  • Spine
  • Pelvic
  • Joints
  • Vessels (research carried out without the use of allergenic contrast)

MRI study does not require penetration into the patient. It is completely safe and painless. For the comfort of patients in the modern MRI machine, there is reduced noise which ensures continuous voice contact with medical staff.

Medical Home Odrex has installed the most modern Magnetic Resonance Imaging Vantage Atlas 1.5 T from the world leader of medical technology  Toshiba. This allows the study of all parts of the body and gets the most accurate results. It has the capability to carry out surveys of:

  • Children, from an early age;
  • Patients with high body weight (120 kg);
  • Pregnant patients.

Possibilities of MRI established in the Medical Home Odrex provide information on the early development of lifethreatening conditions that are not available by other methods and means, such as diseases of the central nervous system, vascular lesions, spinal diseases, neoplastic lesions, joint diseases. Below there are just some of the possibilities of magnetic resonance imaging Vantage Atlas 1,5 T:

  •  No contrast MR angiography — designed to study the arteries of the head, neck, venous sinuses of the brain, renal arteries. Used in cerebrovascular diseases.
  • MR angiography  is used to study blood flow and detection of diseases of both the vessels of the brain and surrounding tissues. Study of the pituitary with dynamic contrast  used to identify pituitary tumors at the earliest stages  up to 1 cm. This study ispresented exclusively in the Medical Home Odrex.
  • MRI of the brain  dynamic contrast study to determine the performance of passage of blood through the brain tissue.
  • DWIstudy  the method used for the diagnosis of acute stroke, the most rapid method for early detection of ischemia  in the first minutes after the onset of neurological symptoms. This method is widely used in cancer research and screening to monitor the effectiveness of treatment or recurrence in oncology; thereby, avoiding radial stresses on the patient and application contrasts.
  • DWI  whole body (DWI wholebody)  used for cancer screening a whole body from head to the upper third of the thighs (head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity).