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Medico—diagnostic department of Medical Home Odrex opened in 2012 and still has no analogues, not only in Odessa, but also throughout the Southern region of Ukraine. Medical Home Odrex has the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment and apparatus based on the latest world achievements of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment, such as Toshiba (Japan), Hologic (U.S.), Richard Wolf (Germany), SYNERGUS (Italy), COVIDIEN (U.S.), MEDIFA (Germany) , DORNIER (Germany), Carl Zeiss (Germany) and others.

Due to high speed scanning, image processing with large resolution and modern software equipment, Medical Home Odrex allows doctors to make a complete study of an organism in just one hour (CT, MRI).

The basis of the diagnostic and treatment branch at Medical Home Odrex are European standards of service and an individual approach to each patient with mandatory low risk—based procedures. It is safe and has the least negative consequences for the organism. 

It should be noted that diagnostic equipment presented at the Medical Home Odrex allows the examination of patients of all age groups.

The main task of the medical diagnostic department at Medical Home Odrex is taking minimum time surveys and accurate diagnosis with comprehensive treatment measures. This approach enables early treatment, which increases the chances of successful recovery.

Learn more: +38(048)7300030.