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EyeMag Pro S

An advanced visualisation system. EyeMag Pro is the right loupe system for users with higher magnification demands. It is available in a wide range of magnification levels and working distances, enabling you to select loupes tailored to your individual needs. Choose a magnification level from 3.2x to 5x and working distances from 300 to 500 mm.

The brilliant ZEISS optics integrated into EyeMag Pro S loupe systems establish new standards in precise vision. EyeMag Pro loupes feature outstanding image quality that generates a high-contrast stereoscopic image, thus enabling you to recognise and differentiate between even the most minute structures. The excellent depth of field permits outstanding depth orientation.

Tailored to your individual needs

  •  You can select the carrier system that fits your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, EyeMag Pro loupes offer a carrier system, into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit. Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the EyeMag Pro S loupes ensures outstanding weight distribution. The personal setting options on the EyeMag Pro S systems facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.
  • A wide range of working distances ensures application flexibility for most medical disciplines and accommodates many individual requirements. This comprehensive offering allows you to always work in comfort.

Focus on the patient

  • The numerous adjustment possibilities on EyeMag Pro loupes let you focus on the patient treatment. The tilt angle can be easily adjusted to the necessary treatment position. The unique optical system on the EyeMag Pro loupes features a folding bridge that allows you to set intuitively your personal interpupillary distance.