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Diode laser system Dornier Medilas D LiteBeam +

The Dornier Medilas D LiteBeam+ is a compact, high value diode laser with enhanced safety features. With an output power of up to 30 Watts and a 940 nm wavelength, procedures can be performed with reduced bleeding in a number of medical applications. The laser is designed to allow operation in continuous or pulse mode and is used for procedures involving cutting, coagulation, ablation  and vaporization. The advanced safety features include the Lightguide Protection System (LPS) and fibertom mode which minimizes risk to the patient and fiber.

Surgical Applications

The 940nm wavelength of the Dornier Medilas D LiteBeam+ is ideal for endovenous laser treatment.  This procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for the removal of varicose veins. Other fields of application for Medilas D LiteBeam+ include ENT and orthopedics.