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Radiographic systems MCA Prime, General Medical Merate (Italy)

MCA PRIME is the outstanding mobile C—arm system, equipped with High Frequency generator, capable to ensure the utmost ease of use as well as an unrivalled operating reliability. 

Actually, the exclusive technology, adopted for realizing the MCA series, guarantees advanced performances in both radiography and fluoroscopy.    

MCA series main application fields 

  • General and specialized surgery 
  • Interventional radiolgoy
  • Neurology
  • Cholangiography 
  • Endoscopy
  • Urology

The MCA PRIME system is equipped with ample dimension Carm so as to ensure the best flexibility and quickness of movement and positioning.

The MCA series includes many configurations with fixed and rotating anode, featured by different models of memory and digital systems, all being fully customizable according to the operator's actual needs.

The  ultimate operating and functional performances of  the different  models being available, are even enhanced by an ample series of accessories.