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MAC Mobile X—ray unit, General Medical Merate (Italy)

MAC is the mobile radiographic unit combining an extraordinary structural ergonomics with advanced performances, thus ensuring the execution of safe and rapid X—ray exams.   

The wide possibilities of movement of the MAC Xray tube arm support  allows the operator to rapidly and efficiently position the unit in any operating condition.  

The  MAC  is equipped with Touch Screen control panel featured by an extremely user-friendliness; furthermore, thanks to the special alphanumerical keyboard, the operator can memorize up to 600 anatomicatl techniques and efficiently manage the patient database with related Xray and dose parameters.

MAC main features

  • Reduced dimensions and weight 
  • 30 kW output
  • 100 kHz High Frequency generator
  • Monoblock with double focus and rotating anode 
  • Touch Screen control panel featuring high ergonomics and user-friendliness 
  • Microprocessor control  
  • 600 pre—programmed anatomical techniques 
  • Utmost ease of transport and positiong 
  • Ample  movements of the arm support and monoblock