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Operating table Medifa MAT 5000 III

Unique table model with low height, electrical back rest adjustment, electrical longitudinal displacement and O—position in the middle class segment.

Contemporary and attractive design.

Simple mobility and safe footing through the use of double free running rollers without play with closed housing.

Massive design and production entirely from high quality, polished stainless steel.

Optimum freedom for the feet through special, bevelled base construction.

Easy cleaning and disinfection.

Maximum flexibility through different foot constructions and the associated height adjustment ranges.

Ergonomically shaped cushion covers.

Integrated batteries with charger, hand operation and control panel on the column included in basic equipment.

Rich assortment of attachment and expansion accessories perfects the use for all surgical disciplines.

Suitable for continuous X—ray and C—arm use (greatest possible imaging transparency through longitudinally adjustable table top).