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This is an R/F diagnostic table with an over-table X—ray tube configuration dedicated for digital radiography. 
By combining with the X—ray high—voltage generator and the digital imaging system, this system can be used for general purposes: digestive tract angiography, general abdominal radiography, general skeletal radiography, support for endoscopy, etc.

Special features: 

  • When used in combination with the digital imaging system, the table can acquire X—ray radiographic / fluoroscopic images and perform digital processing for image processing and display.
  • The imaging device moves longitudinally.
  • Radiographic images can be acquired over a wide range without moving the patient, because the imaging device moves approx. 90 cm along the patient’s body when the R/F diagnostic table is in the horizontal/vertical position.
  • Space-saving islandtype patient table.
  • The low height of the table-top from the floor, approx. 86 cm, facilitates access to the patient.
  • The patient table tilts in the range from the vertical position (approx. 89°) to the horizontal position (approx. 0°) to the headdown position (approx. -30°).
  • Flattype tabletop.
  • The flat table facilitates patient movement in various examinations and makes cleaning easier.
  • The indicators on the control panel show the number of acquired images for each division size and the positions of radiographic frames in subdivision radiography.
  • LIH function.
  • The last fluoroscopic or radiographic image remains displayed on the TV monitor before the next fluoroscopy or radiography.
  • Remote control and local control operation are both possible. (The local control panel is optional).
  • Operations such as R/F diagnostic table tilting, table-top movement, imaging device movement, Xray beam limiting device aperture control, compression cone control, and radiography can be performed by remote control and local control.