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Videoendoskopic stand of high resolution PENTAX EPK-I5000 (2014).

The Medical Home Odrex uses the most modern videoendoskopic equipment of expert class, which meets the highest standards and makes it possible to obtain high-quality digital images with multiple increase and to record all the results to external carrier.

Videogastroscopy and Videocolonoscopy are highly recommended if the family relatives had the gastrointestinal cancer.

If necessary, the biopsy specimens are taken from the suspicious areas for histological examination (biopsy). Also the videoendoscopic equipment allows to make minimally invasive surgery to remove benign and leading to cancer tumors.

Optionally surveys may be conducted in a state medicamental sleep.

Visible perfection. Endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract using HD + and technology i-scan.

Endoscopy of  high-resolution HD+, together with i-scan technology opens new visible parts of mucosal surface to the specialists. It greatly improves the quality of the endoscopic diagnosis. A clear and precise view of the examined surface helps to detect and classify abnormalities of the mucosa. Vasculature and structure of the mucosal surface come to the fore with the function i-scan and HD+ image.

I-scan technology is based on the further processing of the reflected light. The technology allows to improve the quality of the image of mucous structure, shades of image color and bring to the fore the structure of fabric surface, which can be used to detect the limits of lesions or spreading of the disease.

Function i-scan is aimed to strengthen the image of the vascular and tissue architecture. These extra details help to classify mucosal lesions correctly. Neoplastic changes of the vasculature structure and the tissue surface can be differentiated from those which are not new growth.

Detection and classification — are important steps in a standard endoscopy. First, all the suspicious area should be recognized. After that an endoscopist decides whether endoscopic intervention (e.g., biopsy, endoscopic resection) is necessary. I-scan technology sustain a both steps and is a reliable help in daily endoscopic practice.