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: «Thank you!»

It is impossible to be prepared for the diagnosis of cancer. Your life runs for a moment, you see a fat point of your life, you lose your heart and do not know how to live (I had such feelings when I heard my diagnosis). But when you get into the hands of a professional, even this problem seems possible to be solved in some time. Valentin G. Kornienko my savior and my guardian angel. Timeliness and professionalism of this wonderful doctor now allow me to be healthy! They say: these are heaven-born doctors, and it’s absolutely true in this case. I give you thanks, Valentin G.! They say how you call a boat, that way it will float, so here ODREX – is Home (not hospital), it is a house, under the roof of which gathered the best doctors,  where people are not being sick, but Getting Well! Good luck!

: «Words of gratitude to the vascular surgeon»

I want to thank the vascular surgeon Zalewski Dmitry Mikhailovich for his attention, sensitivity and care. A very good doctor. Also I’d like to thank the anesthesiologist Ivanova Victoria Alexandrovna, and words of thanks to hospital attendants and nurses of Medical Home Odrex. I wish you prosperity and thank you very much !!!!!!

: «Thanks»

I came to this clinic for the first time and I liked it very much, starting with the registry! Very friendly staff! I suffer from seasonal allergy (spring-summer) . I made an appointment with the allergist Mirzayants Galina Christophorovna. I have to say I was lucky! The doctor has very careful approach to the disease, you can hardly meet such an approach in ordinary clinics. Galina Khristoforovna is very smart, knows what he is talking about, has information about the methods of treatment that are used in our country and abroad. She understood immediately what my problem was and gave a full consultation and recommendations, answered all my questions, clarified the situation and appointed the examination. I am sure that we together with Galina Khristoforovna will solve my 15 year old problem!!!

: «Thanks to the gynecologist Anufriev Dmitry Mikhailovich»

I want to thank the doctor Anufriev Dmitry Mikhailovich and doctor-anesthesiologist Ivanova Victoria Alexandrovna for their care and professionalism. If not Viktoria Alexandrovna with excellent knowledge of the job, I would hardly stand the anesthesia and a catheter connection. And I’m out of words about Dmitry Mikhailovich. This is a heaven-born doctor. So much care, emotional support and ongoing consultation before and after the operation, that I can not express my sincere gratitude for this! Now I know that I would not change this doctor for any  other one. And it’s a miracle that I came to him by accident in such a difficult situation! As for the anesthesia, now I would only chose Victoria Alexandrovna, and nobody else!

: «Gratitude to the gynecologist Anufriev Dmitry Mikhailovich»

I want to thank gynecologist Anufriev Dmitry Mikhailovich! He performed my operation and further monitoring procedures. He is very professional as a doctor, and a very helpful as a person. I have two children and enough experience of dealing with gynecologists. Dmitry Mikhailovich – is the best of them. He spends a lot of time with their patients and gives them psychological support. They feel very comfortable at his consultations, which is important for every woman. Any time, if something disturbs you, this doctor can be contacted and he will give his recommendations. In general, thank you very much, Dmitry Mikhailovich, and I wish you success in your very difficult and important job! And for me now you are my favorite gynecologist :)

: «Thanks»

I want to thank all the staff of Medical Home Odrex for qualified and friendly attitude towards patients. I would especially like to mention the professionalism and decency of surgeons with golden hands and kind hearts: Fomin Andrey Vitalyevich, Konopko Alexander Vilevich. When you communicate with such positive people, dealing with any disease becomes easier.

: «Thanks»

I express my gratitude to Alexander I. Kravchenko for the excellent and highly aesthetic surgery on head atheroma. Sincerely, your patient!

: «Gratitude to Anufriev Dmitry M., Anufriev MIKHAIL G. AND FOR THIS MEDICAL HOME!»

A week ago, I had an abdominal operation in Medical Home Odrex, and I want to thank absolutely everyone, without exception, all the people with whom we were brought together by fate.
Medical Home - this is the best name they could only think of! I didn’t even have the feeling that I was in the hospital. From the very first moment, when you dial Odrex phone number and hear the friendly voices of girls, you know that they are happy to provide any medical care, and you are not alone with your problem anymore. A month ago, I only knew about Odrex that there is the best equipment and starting from the entrance there is pleasant and friendly atmosphere (I was here when I brought my relative for the medical examination). I had known for more than two years about my health problem, but still delayed and put off, because I was very afraid of the operation and the word "hospital" in general, and I even didn’t think about the operation in Odrex, as it seemed to me very expensive.

I am very glad that a month ago I came here to do ultrasound, that I met Olga Shulga, who saw my problem and took it to her heart - the situation was serious, surgery delay was impossible, it was just too dangerous. She proposed to invite the doctor for advice. Fortunately, Dmitry Mikhailovich Anufriev had a break between his consultations; he went straight into the ultrasound room, looked at the results and immediately invited me to his office. From that moment all the next month until the last minute before a general anesthetic and the first minute after it, Dmitry Mikhailovich gave me valuable psychological and moral support. Even before being discharged from hospital, I confessed him that the decision to do the operation in Odrex I 80% accepted due to his relation to me as a patient. In response, I heard that this attitude should be natural. And it seems to me that his oppinion is shared by everyone who works here.

And many thanks to the surgeon - Anufriev Mikhail Gennadievich! (Olga Sergeevna even in her office of US told me: "You should not worry any more, you will be in good hands" – and it was true) - the operation was successful, and three days later I was discharged. About staying in hospital I have only the most pleasant memories! Absolutely everybody  who was near me in those days, by their sensitive and friendly attitude and a smile on their face caused only the most positive emotions - an important factor in the recovery process!

I ‘d like to return to the financial side of the issue - now, after having stayed in the Medical Home, I do not believe that surgery and treatment here is too expensive. Taking into consideration the high level of professionalism, equipment and conditions of stay – I see that it's worth it! In addition, during three days in the hospital I received advice of many experts in different areas, which is included in the price of the stay. All of them came to me in the ward, listened attentively, examined and provided written recommendations. And I would like to receive the follow-up consultations only in Odrex, so it will be an additional incentive for me to work and increase my income!))

In New Year I wish Medical Home Odrex to keep the present level of high standards! I wish you further development and prosperity and happy grateful patients who Odrex helps to recover!

: «Thanks»

I had a consultation with my relatives in Odrex. From the first minutes amazes caring and attentive treatment of the staff to patients. It seems that they are imbued with your problems ... and, of course, they help to solve them. Thank you very much!!! I wish you all the best in your personal life and professional success!

: «Thanks»

I would like to thank Dr. A. Konopko for treatment. A great specialist, a professional. Thank you so much!

: «Thanks»

While I was in the clinic "Odrex", I felt the care and comfort from the middle and junior staff. But I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Konopko ALEXANDER Vilevich (surgeon-urologist, oncologist). I’ve been in hospital twice and noticed the high level of professionalism, caring, sincere attitude, they say about such people:"He is a heaven-born DOCTOR ". The combination of high medical education and care of patients - it costs a good deal. Thank you for qualified treatment!!! I wish sound health and success to all the staff of Medical Home Odrex!

: «THANKS to Konopko A.V.»

With all my heart I thank the surgeon, oncologist and urologist Alexander Vilevich  Konopka for high professionalism and attention during the treatment. May God grant you health and energy. THANK YOU.

: «Thanks»

My favorite medical office №3! Irina is just a high level professional, a  master and  a magician in blood sampling, even in such cases when the vein is hardly seen. If you give Christmas bonuses - please include her into the list! Those who have once had an injection made by her, will not go for treatment anywhere else except Odrex.

: «Thank you all!»

We wanted to write you a letter for a long time, but we were busy, looking after my father. I express my gratitude, and I bow to all the surgeons, doctors, nurses of Odrex, especially to Smirnov Alexander Borisovich, and would like to thank his assistant - Catherine. Our special thanks to this girl with blue eyes, because she (as we learned later) included us into the extremely busy schedule of Alexander Borisovich, she took all our tests and showed them to him. He came to us and said that he saw the results, but now he wass going to do a surgery. And it’s likely, it will be necessary to have a number of medical tests, and now we are going to consult a vascular surgeon, and he would join us later. We agreed. He turned to us saying that entrusts us to Katyusha, she will help us in every way and register everything . We were a bit shocked, but then I realized that we were wrong. Katyusha turned to us and said: "Do not worry, you are in golden hands". While we were sitting in the waiting room with her, where she was preparing the documents, her phone did not stop ringing. She kept leaving-coming- leaving, answering phone calls, saying, "OK, I understand." At the same time, she did not forget about those who were sitting next to us. She arranged medical tests for us and monitored their execution. Then the doctor saw the results and offered us to go to the hospital. We agreed. Katyusha took us up, where we were already waited in the ward. Later Alexander Borisovich came, with the results in his hand. I asked myself: how many such patients do they have every day? Are there any people today who work hard and selflessly? I have not seen such a solidary team, perfectly understanding each other and such professionalism for a long time. I thank all the team - you are professionals!

: «Thanks»

I’m very grateful to the heaven-born doctor , a wonderful person and a great professional - Smirnov Alexander Borisovich, the administration and all the hospital staff for quality health care on European level.

: «Thanks»

Thanks to Kulish Sergei Alexandrovich, Smirnov Alexander Borisovich for saving my husband's hand and the efforts they have made for his recovery!!! Thanks to Bondarenko Vadim Stepanovich for follow-up care !!! Also we would like to thank Elena Alexandrovna Yarmola, Fadeyeva Catherine for their support and attention that are so important in difficult situations!!! We are sure that the help we got in Odrex, we would not get anywhere else!!! Thank you very much!!!

: «Kulish Olga – is the best gynecologist»

I'm very glad to have met Olga Nikolayevna! Very good and efficient doctor. Always attentive to the patient. It’s first time when I completely trusted the doctor! Thank you!!!

: «Sarakul R.N.»

Thank you for attention and good attitude.

: «Thanks to Smirnov A.B. for saving my husband»

Just 2 years ago during 5 months my husband had 5 major surgeries on the lower limbs in one of the public hospitals .... I'm not afraid to tell the whole Ukraine, what horrors we suffered while we were there. After each operation, we were assured that everything would be fine, and we just believe it! After the offered sixth operation at the last moment I learnt about Odrex. It was our last salvation! Separate gratitude to the doctor with gold hands and a huge kind soul Smirnov Alexander Borisovich. There are no more such doctors. He is a heaven-born doctor! He saved the life of my husband !!! Thanks to all the staff and a cook – we had the impression that it was a high quality restaurant and a five-star hotel. My husband is about to have a major surgery again, and we again trust golden hands of Smirnov AB. !! I bow to him for the operation made 6.03 in 2014 and for the upcoming one !!!

: «Thanks doctors: Green, Smirnov, Kulish»

We often come to your big, beautiful, and super hospital with our whole family. Many friends, acquaintances, relatives have been cured here. We adore Dr. Green Natalya Vladimirovna, she's just a sunshine :-), Kulish Sergei Alexandrovich and Smirnov Alexander Borisovich – a guru of vascular surgery. We would like to wish you prosperity in your work. Perhaps it’s a strange desire, but please install the device to top up our mobile phones.

: «Thank you very much for your work!»

I thank with all my heart.

: «Feedback»

Many thanks to clinic  Odrex for professionalism and a good attitude .... The diagnosis was - cervical hip fracture....The sugery was was July 1, 2015, and it was possible to walk in six weeks !!!!! Many thanks to the surgeon Turchin Nikolai Ivanovich. He is very clever and a hard worker.  Thanks to Tkachuk Viktor Ivanovich, thanks to all the nursers and nursing aids, to all that good, friendly and professional staff.THANK YOU ALL !!!!! (relatives of Gordiy N.)

: «WORDS of gratitude»

I want to express my gratitude for compassion, kindness, understanding and professionalism, for support before and after Anufrіev Dmitry Mikhailovich’s surgery. In addition, with all my heart I thank  Olexandr Borisovich Smirnov, Sitnik Peter Olekseevich, anesthesiologist -Kushnir Katerina Sergeevna and also junior medical staff for its smiles, support, sympathy. A low bow to you, I wish you health, joy, well. Let all your actions be blessed!

: «Check-Up program »

Due to your program Check-Up, the professionalism of doctors, I had a cancerous growth discovered . Thank you! You have given the opportunity to get rid of a terrible disease, and continue to live.

: «Alla Mikhailovna Shevchenko - THANKS»

I want to thank the cardiologist Alla Mikhailovna Shevchenko. I went to the doctor with heart problems. She is a professional, sensitive and considerate doctor, and just a very nice woman. Thank you very much.

: «Thanks to DOCTOR SARAKUL R.N.»

Thanks to Raisa Nikolaevna Sarakul. A very considerate doctor.

: «Thanks to Samoilov Pavel Vasilyevich»

I saw the doctor-oncologist Pavel Vasilyevich Samoilov. And the rest of the day I felt impressed :) He made a diagnosis, outlined treatment options, guided, convinced, reassured - everything was very clear, understandable, thought out, doubtless, charismatic, and, the most important, reliable! .. You feel boundless confidence to the doctor Samoylov P.V. from the first minute of seeing him. He has the highest professionalism plus human sympathy and charm! Pavel Vasilyevich, THANK YOU! I  feel as if I got to apostle Paul :) .. - My heart is calm and peaceful!


Thanks to anesthesiologist Tsalko Vyacheslav. My first experience with general anesthesia passed on "hurray". There were no hallucinations, no chills and nausea. Very decent doctor.

: «Thanks to Chernaya N.M»

I express my gratitude to your clinic, and in particular to Chernaya N.M. Everything is  neat, affordable and there is a great atmosphere!

: «Thanks to doctor Sitnik»

I want to thank the vascular surgeon Sitnik Peter Alekseevich, because he helped my mother. We have visited different doctors, but without result, friends recommended Odrex, because here treat the best vascular surgeons, and we did not regret. The doctor examined professionally and competently and prescribed treatment. Thank you, doctor, for the smile on my mother's face!

: «Thanks»

From the first to the last minute of my stay in Odrex I was surrounded by warmth, attention and real care. It seemed to me that the people around- doctors –are angels. It’s the best clinic in the world and the best heaven-born doctors. Special thanks to the doctor with gold hands and a huge kind soul Alexander Borisovich Smirnov. There aren’t such doctors any more. I am such a coward, so afraid of doctors, but if I have to see a doctor (God forbid!), it will be only in Odrex! Thanks to all attendants and a cook- I had the impression, that this is a high- level restaurant and a 5-star hotel. Generally speaking, I was like in paradise! If anybody has questions, I’m happy to answer!

: «Thank you»

Thanks a lot for good work, sympathy and patience to the surgeon Fomin Andrey Vitalievich. And to all the girls-nurses ..

: «Thank you!»

We would like to thank all the medical staff of Home Odrex , in particular Smirnov Alexander Borisovich, Tsalko Vyacheslav Nikolayevich, and Zalewski Dmitry Mikhailovich, nurses, nursing aides - for sensitivity, kindness, patience, feeling of calm and confidence, gained from them! We wish prosperity to the clinic, more healthy and grateful patients! This is my mother’s quote:  "When you get to Home Odrex, you feel cozy, homely atmosphere!

: «My 5 days in Odrex»

03/14/15 I went for a scheduled surgery to remove the gallbladder (laparoscopy). Andrew Vitalievich Fomin operated. During the surgery there was a complication, it started bleeding. I had quite a rare pathology (an additional vessel). And only due to the professionalism of the doctors I have the opportunity to write this feedback !!! I am very grateful to the all the operating team and special thanks to Fomin A.V. and Kravchenko A.I. !!! My dear! In my case you received personal medical experience, and I did not let you down either !!! You have become my close people. Of course, we will not go to each other's homes, but in my heart and in the heart of my family there will be gratitude for saving my life!!!! I spent 1.5 days in the intensive care unit and 2 days in anordinary ward, and I want to say that if the Ministry of Health wants to carry out reforms, then let it ask in Odrex how to do it. I was horrified to think what would happen to me if I decided to apply to the other medical institution. Thanks again to all the staff of Medical HOmE Odrex, without exception !!! To doctors, reanimatologists (personally to Dmitry Nikolayevich), anesthetists, diagnosticians, nurses and nursemen, nutritionist, nuesing aides !!! May God grant you health, knowledge and skills to help the suffering!!!! Especially I want to mention the effective clinic management. We haven’t had "free" medicine for a long time. Patients pay for everything: buy medicines themselves in the "right" pharmacies, food, come with their bedclothes to the hospital. And there is the question - where does the money go? In Medical Home Odrex this question does not exist, because the answers are more than obvious. Cleanliness, comfort, food, medical care. My mother did not have to buy medicines and to carry me dishes with food. Odrex cares of his patients on such a level, which, I think, some patients have not seen in everyday life. The clinic practices a system of discounts, develops various diagnostic systems, and even in financial matters applies an individual approach. I want to thank the CFO Veronica Vladimirovna !!! Once again thank you all !!! My sincere thanks to you- is the only thing that I can give you limitlessly!!! Be happy!!!