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February. DIAGNOSTIC month.
Have an examination of expert class level in leading multifield clinic in Odessa and get a free consultation of a doctor.

In the Medical Home Odrex they use the most modern videoendoscopic equipment of expert class, which meets all the advanced requirements and gives the opportunity to get high-quality digital images of the multiple increase and to record the results on the external media.

Fibregastroscopy is an absolutely safe visual examination of the upper parts of gastrointestinal tract. The indications for the procedure are pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, weight loss, pain while swallowing.

Colonoscopy is recommended when detecting mucus or blood in the stool, a change in its structure, pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, constipation.

Computed tomography (CT) on the unit Toshiba Aquilion CXL 64 is one of the most modern, informative and safe methods of qualitative research body. It is applicable for the diagnosis of cancer, diseases of the abdominal organs, diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The most modern magnetic resonance tomograph Vantage Atlas Z Toshiba 2012 release. Designed for the examination of all organs and systems. High-speed scanning, large resolution and advanced software allow high-quality images, which, in turn, are a guarantee of a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Mammography Hologic M-IV — is the most modern machine in Odessa allows mammography one or both breasts in two projections, as well as to use additional methods (R-graphy of a breast with a local compression of one or both breasts, axylography of one or two of mummary glands) and special methods of mammography (ductography, pneumocystography, needle localization).

Densitometer Hologic Discovery is a new generation of diagnostics and software HSA Yip Structure Analisis allows you to diagnose bone density and osteoporosis at the early stages.

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On Saturdays (from 14.00 to 20.00), there is a 20% discount on more than five hundred health services (including diagnosis).

Application for a diagnosis in the Medical Home Odrex is possible today by phone in Odessa: (048) 730-00-30


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