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What is a stroke?

Stroke — a sudden disruption of blood circulation of a brain region. As a result, the brain is not supplied with oxygen and rapidly dies. This happens for various reasons. And most often they are the diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiac failure.

How do you know that this is a stroke?

The first signs of a stroke include:

  1. Feeling unwell. Most often, there is a severe headache, nausea, dizziness;
  2. Scrambled speech. Ask the patient to pronounce a simple sentence  a speech disorder is a sign of a stroke;
  3. Numbness, limitation of movements of an arm or a leg on one side. Ask the patient to raise both arms  in the case of a stroke there is impaired coordination and speed of movement of the arms.

After the detection of any of these signs immediately call the ambulance and bring the patient to the Medical Home Odrex in 69/71, Raskidailovskaya Street,

According to article 38 of the Fundamentals of Legislation on health care, each patient has the right to receive medical care in any health care facility of their choice.

What to do until the ambulance comes?

Provide the first aid to the patient:

  1. Place a small pillow under his head so that the head and shoulders lie flat, and the neck is not bent. Otherwise, the blood flow in the vertebral arteries will deteriorate;
  2. Pay attention to the patient’s ability to breathe freely. Remove from the mouth any foreign objects, making breathing difficult;
  3. Gently turn the patient's head to one side, if you see that in his mouth tere is a lot of saliva or mucus;
  4. Open the window for fresh air.

How can a specialized stroke center of Medical Home Odrex help?


  1. Medical Home Odrex is ready to admit a patient with stroke twenty—four—hour;
  2. Only Medical home Odrex installed the most modern CT scanner Toshiba, which allows to make a perfusion computed tomography  the most informative study for precise diagnosis of the patient;
  3. Intensive care in a modern hospital under the supervision of an experienced team of neurologists and anesthetists.
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