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Department of Vascular Surgery at the Medical Home Odrex - is a professional union of vascular surgeons specializing in the treatment of venous diseases with the use of advanced minimally invasive techniques. We have gathered a team of talented professionals who are experts in the area of vascular surgery. At our disposal there are all the advanced technologies and innovative equipment. We believe that the love to work and commitment to excellence have enabled us to become leaders in this industry.


Specialists Clinic Vascular Surgery have wide experience in minimally invasive treatment of venous diseases, from tiny spider veins to complicated cases of varicose veins. Daily experience and practice allows us to know all the details of the treatment and all the difficulties faced by our patients.

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We work so that each patient receives professional help, moral support and maximum comfort during  the process  of treatment. Our doctors will do everything to make you feel confident and calm. While  preparing for the treatment, we carefully evaluate your condition, discuss details and acquaint you with the plan of action that will be the most effective in your particular case. Together with the patient we go all the way from the initial consultation to the decision, how will we treat varicose veins, including aftercare.

"We work to help you and to do our  best for your health," - says Alexander B. Smirnov, the head of  Vascular Surgery Department, vascular surgeon, micro surgeon.

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