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Currently, the number of cancer patients has been steadily increasing with the «rejuvenation» of cancer victims and rapid progression of the process. The combination of surgical interventions, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy methods increase the chances of a significant prolongation of life, or even a complete remission.

Medical Home Odrex has installed the most modern Magnetic Resonance Imaging Vantage Atlas 1.5 T, which can detect abnormal changes in the earliest stages of the disease. For early diagnosis or screening applied DWI which function is to study the wholebody. DWI  oncological screening studies for whole body from head to the upper third of the thighs and recognizes the stage of the process.

Analysis of indicators of DWI study also provides an opportunity to differentiate benign and malignant processes. DWI and research is used as a method of monitoring the effectiveness of treatment or detection of relapses in oncology.

The method is useful in the diagnosis of primary and metastatic lesions, and does not require the administration of contrast material.

It should be noted that the ability of the method is constantly growing.

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