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Today, the most modern and effective method of preventing cancer is screening, which can detect tumors at the stage of cell clumps.

For early diagnosis of cancer in the Medical Home Odrex there is a unique programme of examination of the whole body - Oncoscreening. The method is based on obtaining  diffusion-weighted images, which gives full information about the location of the tumor and its growth. In addition, the method allows to monitor the effectiveness of treatment or the origination of relapses.

Analysis of the visible indicators of the diffusion coefficient (ADC) gives the opportunity to differentiate benign and malignant processes. Furthermore, it is possible to define the area of the process, which is of the greatest interest for further study.

Oncoscreening of the whole body includes 3D-visualization of the vessels of the head and neck, chest, abdomen cavity and small pelvic.

A unique feature of MRI — oncoscreening allows a patient to avoid radiation exposure and the use of contrast agents. And it also helps to reduce the amount of additional examinations.

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