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Unfortunately, many people in our country prefer not to think about health services, until  «it gets too hot for them». And when there is a need to see the doctor, people have to make a choice: state or private medicine. Well, with state medicine, obviously, everything is clear.

And what is private medicine and Medical Home Odrex?

To begin with, it should be noted that Medical Home Odrex was founded by a practical physician who knows all the successful components of the effective team work of professionals.

  •      Highly qualified doctors

Clinic governing body appreciates and supports the striving for self-education. Continuous process of knowledge and skills improvement allows our experts to continually upgrade their skills. Many doctors are employees of the Medical University, heads the regional medical services, members of medical societies and associations, regular participants of conferences and symposia. Due to the continuous process of self-education, doctors of the Medical Home Odrex use the most modern standards of diagnosis and treatment regimen.

  •      The most modern equipment and facilities

Technical equipment of Medical Odrex home meets the highest standards of modern medicine. It allows to make an accurate diagnosis in proper time, and, most importantly, safely and provide all necessary aid at any time.

  •      A high level of professional ethics

Attention, comfortable stay, friendly and courteous staff — are the main work priorities in Medical Home Odrex. No problem will not be ignored!

  •      Transparent financial policy

The financial policy of the Medical Home Odrex involves a clear and simple scheme of calculating future expenses for medical treatment. The patient will be informed about all the necessary costs at once, without further additional contingency fees. Moreover, our experience shows that the aggregate of financial losses in state hospitals are much higher than one-time payment at the Medical home Odrex.

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