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One of the priority principles of the Medical Home Odrex — is the patient safety. This principle applies to the quality of medical services, specialist skills and, of course, the conditions of treatment and hospital stay.

To ensure patient safety, medical staff with a head nurse Gorban Nadezhda daily prvides a number of important issues — there is the infection control and debugging of hygiene system in clinics, as well as creating a safe and comfortable environment.

According to the results of an independent hygiene audit of the Association «SOIK» hospital departments of Medical Home Odrex meet basic standards, according to normative documents, which regulate the sanitary—epidemiological regime in health institutions. The main attention the auditors paid to:


  • organization of the use of disinfectants;
  • medical devices, tools;
  • treatment of the hands of medical personnel;
  • surface facilities;
  • equipment;
  • rooms for personal hygiene;
  • laundry room;
  • catering.

The audit results indicate that the Medical Home Odrex is 100% safe for hospital patients.

The status of «Clean Hospital. Safe for a patient» guarantees workers and visitors that in the Medical Home Odrex operates the most modern disinfection system, which provides a successful fight against any infection.

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