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Only in November you have the opportunity to get a free doctor's consultation with leading surgeons of Medical Home Odrex on general surgery, breast and thyroid diseases, bile passages, gynecology, bones and joints. Becides you can get an advice on proctologic operations, including the use of a new minimally invasive treatment for hemorrhoids — transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD).

The team of surgeons in the Medical Home Odrex — are doctors of the highest category, candidates and doctors of medical sciences with extensive experience in the field of general surgery, endocrine surgery, diabetes, reconstructive and restorative surgery.

Also during the whole November in the Medical Home  Odrex there is a 10% discount on general surgical operations, operations in gynecology and proctology.

Operating theatres in the Medical Home Odrex meet the highest standards of modern medicine. This is the equipment and technology of the twenty—first century, which allows to provide unique operations and all the necessary assistance in the most difficult situations — at any time of a day.

Surgery without incisions is in the Medical House Odrex!

In the Medical House Odrex they perform all kinds of laparoscopic surgery, which is considered in the modern world to be «the gold standard» in general surgery and gynecology in the treatment of many diseases.

Laparoscopy — this is one of the modern methods of surgery, in which instead of the traditional incisions for access to the internal organs doctors use punctures 5-10 mm in diameter. The  method to «look» into the stomach with a special tool through a mini-access can solve almost any surgical tasks — from the diagnosis to treatment manipulations without traumatizing large incisions, scars and arduous postoperative period.

The major issues, that laparoscopic surgery decides, include:

  • diagnostic laparoscopy;
  • treatment of peritoneal commissures;
  • removal of the urinary bladder;
  • closure of perforated ulcer of stomach or duodenum;
  • treatment of hernias;
  • treatment of inflammatory pelvic peritoneum;
  • gynecological surgery.

An important element in the success and safety of the method is a class of the equipment which will be used for the operation. In the Medical House Odrex the equipment of German company WOLF is used. It is a world leader in this segment of the equipment.

Laparoscopic surgery at the Medical Home Odrex is performed by the highest class surgeons practising the method of work at the most advanced and innovative equipment at any time. It must be noted, that the operations are carried out exclusively using high quality new tools, which significantly reduces the risk of unintended injury.

The authority of the doctors of the Medical Home Odrex is recognizes by both patients and colleagues doctors from other medical institutions, including foreign ones, as evidenced by the given ranks and positions, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Get more information and sign up for a consultation with a surgeon by phone (048) 730-00-30 . Also, you can make an appointment directly on our website in the form of «Appointment».

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