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The success of  treatment of tumors in general, and head and neck ones in particular is determined by to the early diagnosis of tumor pathology. It mostly depends on the oncological alertness and erudition of "first contact" doctors of  various specialties (surgeons, otolaryngologists, dentists and other specialists).

It is important for patients with head and neck tumors to be treated by doctors of specialized departments who own all the modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of tumors of this localization.

All the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumors in the Medical Home Odrex is managed by  the oncosurgeon and onkootolaryngologist of the highest category, who has fifteen years of experience, head of the head and neck tumors department  in Odessa Regional Oncology Center - Antoniuk Alexander Valeriyovych.

Sign up for the  oncologist’s advice by phone number  (048) 730-00-30 .

The head and neck are the most important areas of the human body. Anatomy and physiology of the organs located in the area, are a unique complex. The main functions - vision, speech, chewing, swallowing, smell - depend on the coordinated work of these organs.

By the term "head and neck cancer" it is meant a benign or malignant tumors of various histological structure, localized on the skin, the mucosa of the lips, in the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity, the neck lymph nodes, salivary glands, thyroid gland.

Sign up for the  oncologist’s advice by phone number  (048) 730-00-30 .

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