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We often do not pay much attention to this very popular, known for a long time and causing periodic discomfort disease, not thinking about the unpredictable consequences.

What is it?

Outpouching of an internal organ or its part, together with a stretched peritoneum through a defect in the connective tissue under the skin of the abdomen — this is a hernia.
What are the reasons?

The occurrence of abdominal hernias is contributed by conditions connected with increased abdominal pressure — pregnancy, childbirth, constipation, frequent cough, obesity, physical activity.
How to discover hernia yourself?

The symptoms of abdominal hernia is a protrusion that can appear and disappear. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the tumor in the abdomen with smooth edges and intact skin. Pay attention to the weaknesses in the abdominal wall, where hernial protrusion can appear. This is the inguinal region, navel, the side walls of the abdomen, the median line of the abdomen.
Why is it dangerous?

First of all hernia — is a cosmetic defect, which spoils the appearance of person. In addition, any hernia is fraught with the danger of strangulation because of sudden change in intra-abdominal pressure. In the case of strangulation of hernia the patient should ask for specialized help during a few hours in order to avoid extremely dangerous complications.

In the Medical Home Odrex you can be examined, in the course of the examination the physician will accurately detect the presence of hernia, the method and duration of treatment. In cases of doubt, there shall be appointed an additional diagnostics — ultrasound or computed tomography.
Treatment of hernia.

Any hernia of an abdominal wall is treated only by surgery. This pathology has no reverse development and eventually the size of protrusions can only increase. It is worth to pay attention to the timing of surgery. The sooner the operation is performed, the easier the  postoperative period is. In connection with this, it is recommended to have treatment as a planned operation, without waiting for the infringement.
What is prevention?

Regular physical activities help to strengthen the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and reduce the risk of disease. Elimination of unfavorable factors (constipation, excessive exercise, overweight) also helps to minimize the risk of abdominal hernia.
Why Odrex?

The clinic has all the technical capabilities and human resources to help in the most difficult cases, and at the advanced level. You can learn more about modern methods of surgical interventions for hernias, if you make an appointment with a surgeon of Medical Home Odrex.
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