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Yesterday for salvation from the excruciating pains in the back and neck, Ukrainians went to the Israeli clinics, ready to pay tangible financial and time costs. After all, does is the cost matter when it comes to chilling pain in the spine? About life, where every step is difficult?

But today, thanks to the efforts of  Medical Home Odrex and cooperation with the leading spine surgeon Ilya Pekarskiy from Israel, it is possible to treat the most complex spinal disorders in Odessa.

Dr. Ilya Pekarskiy specializes on carrying out operations in the following areas of spinal surgery:

  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia
  • Surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease
  • Surgery of the cervical spine
  • Surgical treatment of tumors of the spine
  • Repeated spinal surgery
  • Treatment of spinal fractures
  • Replacement of the intervertebral disc
  • Endoscopic spinal surgery
  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery
  • Correction of spinal curvature
  • Non-surgical treatments for back pain.

The Medical Home Odrex provides all the necessary conditions, including the material and technical ones, in accordance with the world standards of modern medicine, which allows the spinal surgeon with the world name to conduct unique spinal perations in Odessa, thereby significantly reducing the cost of treatment.

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Modern technology, the latest equipment and the  talent of Dr. Pekarskiy allow patients to get up out of bed the next day after a spinal operation and be discharged after 3-4 days from the clinic.

Technical equipment of operating rooms is very important, as a guarantee to increase the accuracy of the operations. And the possibility of X-rays and computed tomography during the operation in real time is particularly important for the correction of spinal deformities, severe fractures and removal of tumors that press on the spinal cord, helping to prevent any operating injury.

Be sure to keep in mind that the treatment  of spinal diseases and injuries can not be delayed. With each passing day the situation can only get worse, and delayed medical treatment or surgery may be much more difficult, both for the patient and for the doctor. If you have some problems with the spine, the doctor Ilya Pekarskiy strongly recommends a consultation to identify the causes of pain and to make qualified decisions on treatment.

Sign up to consult the spinal surgeon by phone (048) 730-00-30

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