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In Medical Home Odrex they use the latest achievements in medicine in the area of gynecological surgery, which allow to do the most complex operations with high accuracy, safety and minimal trauma to tissues, reducing the duration of the surgery. Such operations became possible due to the use of the ultrasonic scalpel THUNDERBEAT (Olympus) in the technology.

About 90% of operations on pelvic organs in Medical Home Odrex are performed with the use of minimally invasive surgery techniques. The use of the latest achievements in the field of endoscopic instruments, technologies and energies for the clinic is a priority for its development.

The main advantages of using the ultrasonic scalpel during gynecological operations include:

  • Multifunctionality — using the ultrasound several effects can be achieved (coagulation, incision and cavitation), which allows to avoid the frequent change of instruments and reduce the time of surgery
  • Bloodless surgery - vessels with the diameter of 7 mm coagulate for 6 seconds, and their walls are joined without prior stitching
  • Enhanced safety for patients due to the absence of the electric current, which makes it possible to provide help for the patients with a built-in control pacer
  • Minimum heat distribution on the tissues
  • Short time of hospital stay (1 - 2 days)
  • Fast recovery and return to the usual active lifestyle

The use of the ultrasonic scalpel allows reducing the time of the incision healing and accelerating patient rehabilitation

In our clinic the ultrasonic scalpel THUNDERBEAT is used during the laparoscopic surgery for:

  • Adhesions of pelvic organs
  • Hydrosalpinx (inflammation of the fallopian tubes, combined with their obstruction)
  • Uterine myoma
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts

By using this technique, laparoscopic removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and other formations takes place quickly, efficiently and bloodlessly.

Choosing treatment in Medical Home Odrex, you get an absolutely new level of surgery due to the use of the most modern treatment methods and innovative equipment.

The obstetrician-gynecologist of the first category Olga Nikolaevna Kulish (work experience is 8 years) and the oncologist-gynecologist Valentin Gennadievich Kornienko (work experience is 6 years) perform the operations.


Make an appointment with a gynecologist by +38 (048) 7300030.

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