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Just a year ago Medical Home Odrex presented to people of Odessa a modern diversified hospital department, ICU with 10 beds, as well as a unique high—tech surgical department with three operating suites.

In the Medical Odrex all the most modern trends in surgical operations are used. They are here to help patients with any medical problem.

But still, when they created a surgical department, emphasis was placed primarily on the latest technology related to vascular surgery with the pathology that dominates modern society.

Equipment and technology of the 21st century, represented in the surgical department of Medical Home Odrex, allows unique operations on vessels and veins, carries out operations on small tissues and thin structures, as well as other work at the micro level.

Implementation of all these modern methods became ​​possible with the support of the talented Head of the Surgical department, a vascular surgeon, regional head of the organizing committee for the treatment and diagnosis of patients with diseases of the veins of the Association of Angiology and Vascular Surgery of Ukraine, Alexander Borisovich Smirnov.  Achievement of such positive results are due to unique conditions for surgeons. Fast and high quality surgical care also became possible due to the equipment of relevant European standards. Here, nothing is left to chance. Modern operating tables not only provide comfort for the surgeon, but also the safety of the patient. The arsenal of anesthesiology equipment is of the latest generation. Modern Xray surgical rack allows doctors control during the operation at each stage. Special shadowless LED bulbs produce very soft and natural light. Each unit has its own air conditioning and heating system which allow doctors to maintain optimum temperature and humidity in the operating unit and wards.

The postoperative period is one of the most important components for a quick recovery for the patient. Unit for patients in the intensive care is equipped with modern chambers designed for one or two people. In each ward, there is an emergency nurse call system and monitoring of individual observation of vital functions of patients. The Medical Home Odrex also took care  of the safety of patients as well as the comfort of their stay in the ward.

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