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All the latest treatments for varicose vein disease are presented in the Medical Home Odrex . Equipment and technologies presented in the surgical department of the Medical Home Odrex, allow to do unique operations on the arteries and veins, including microsurgical technique.

  • Radiofrequency obliteration of the surface of veins

Low-impact, gentle treatment of varicose veins by modern method Closure Fast. This internationally-recognized method is particularly effective for the treatment of wide varicose veins and complicated forms of varicose veins.

  • The use of laser vein treatment (butt, radial and double radial fibers)

Treatment of varicose veins laser is referred  to operational methods of treatment. In the Medical Home Odrex this technique is performed with the use of ultrasound monitoring of the operation under local anesthesia and, in most cases, on an outpatient basis.

  • Sclerotherapy vein

Allows you to remove small intradermal vascular "stars" by entering a special drug and entering a foamed drug in larger branch vessels.

  • Miniphlebectomy

Elimination of varicose veins by punctures with special tools.

The successful introduction of modern methods — it is an achievement of the professional team of vascular surgeons of  Medical Home Odrex and head of the surgical department, a vascular surgeon — Smirnov Alexander Borisovich.

Sign up for a consultation with a vascular surgeon by phone at (048) 730-00-30 .

When choosing a method of treatment, always consult with your physician.


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