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The team of doctors of Family Clinic Odrex — is a team of real professionals with years of experience. These doctors are ready to help you any time and to take care of your family's health.


The head of the Clinics doctors team is Vladislav V. Sukharenko — general practitioner, family doctor.

«I - a hereditary doctor. My biggest achievement — it's health and gratitude  of my patients», — Vladislav Sukharenko.

At Polyclinic Odrex you can consult the doctors of the following specializations:

  • family foctor
  • pediatrician
  • gynecologist
  • urologist
  • surgeon
  • vascular surgeon
  • neuropathologist
  • endocrinologist
  • cardiologist
  • otolaryngologist
  • gastroenterologist
  • orthopaedist - traumatologist
  • dermatologist
  • oncologist
  • ophthalmologist

Sign up for a consultation by calling (048) 730-00-30 or on our website ( "Appointments" button in the upper right corner).