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In the Clinic of Plastic Surgery Odrexthere are real experts — the best professionals. They are surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency physiciansand narrow specialists, whouse the successful experience of the world hospitalsin their work.

An important component in the work of a plastic surgeon is also a sense of proportion and artistic taste. The specialists of the Clinic of Plastic Surgery are well-knownfor their skill to find harmony and reproduce it in their work. In addition, our doctors value their reputation and will always be honest with you, offering the best options for solving the problem

Sazhienko Vladimir Vyacheslavovich, a plastic surgeon, works in the team of highly skilled professionals in the Clinic of Plastic Surgery.

More than 2,000 successful plastic surgeries.

His work experience as a surgeon is 15 years. His work experienceas a plastic surgeon is 10 years

Пластическая хирургия в Одессе

Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Sazhienko was born in June 5, 1975. He got his higher medical education in the Odessa State Medical University, his specialty is «General medicine». After his internship in specialty «Surgery» from 2003 he worked in «Thoracic Surgery». During this period he performed operations in case of inflammatory diseases, injuries of the chest and tumor diseases. He also mastered surgery in case of malignant and benign breast pathology.

From 2006, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich devoted himself to work in the area of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. In 2007, he trained in the specialty "Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery" and has been certified in the specialty «Oncological surgery». Since 2008 he works as an oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Dr. Sazhienko is a member of professional associations:

  • Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
  • International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES)
  • All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (VAPREH)

Numerous diplomas and certificates, as well as the daily increasing number of grateful patients prove the success of professional work of the doctor.

 пластический хирург одессапластический хирург одесса  пластическая и онкопластическая хирургия липосакция одесса хирургия молочной железы пластическая хирургия одесса

Dr. Sazhienko does not stop the learning processeven for a moment. Regular participation in international professional events, scientific congresses and conferences allowshim to improve constantlyin the field of aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Tatiana: I want to express my gratitude to V.V. Sazhienko as to an excellent surgeon and a splendid, understanding person. In 2012, I experienced a mastectomy. The very news that I had a malignant tumor (cancer stage II-III), killed me psychologically. But neither the operation nor physical pain cannot be compared with the fear to see yourself in the mirror. At the age of 43 when everybodywas talkingabout life, about recovery, I felt as a disabled woman. Then I went through radiation therapy, removal of the ovaries, surgery on the other breast. Now, for the fourth year I have been going through hormone therapy, which has led to weight gain. Finally, now,after years of waiting, I can havemy breastreconstructed. My special thanks to Bondar S.V, who operated me and supervised me all these years, and who recommended me Sazhienko V.V.Thusour cooperation and the fulfilling my dream - breast reconstruction-began. The reconstructionwas decided to be carried out in three stages: one breast correction and the beginning of reconstruction of the second one; reconstruction of that breast by fat and circular abdominoplasty. All this time, the doctor was busy with me, like with a little child. Before the beginning of the operation,he asked me in details about my surgery and treatment, and then patiently answered my endless questions. After the operation,he personally put compression underwear on me and did dressings. Even after I was discharged from hospital, the doctor called me twice a day to ask how I felt. Thanks God, one month has passed, and everything is going according to plan. Soon we will start the final third stage. Medical Home Odrex is a great clinic, the staff is friendly and attentive. I want to thank everybody for support. Doctor, thank you for such necessary kind words and for the opportunity to make dreams come true. You help womento become fullyagain. (May, 2016)



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