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The department of vascular surgery at the Medical Home Odrex is a professional union of vascular surgeons, who specialize on the treatment of venous diseases using advanced minimally invasive techniques. We have assembled a team of talented professionals who are experts in the vascular surgery. At our disposal there are all the advanced technologies and innovative equipment. We believe that our love to the  work and aspiration for the perfection have enabled us to become leaders in this industry.


Specialists Clinic Vascular Surgery have wide experience in minimally invasive treatment of venous diseases, from tiny spider veins to complicated cases of varicose veins. Daily experience and practice allows us to know all the details of the treatment and all the difficulties faced by our patients.

We work so that each patient receives professional help, moral support and maximum comfort during  the process  of treatment. Our doctors will do everything to make you feel confident and calm. While  preparing for the treatment, we carefully evaluate your condition, discuss details and acquaint you with the plan of action that will be the most effective in your particular case. Together with the patient we go all the way from the initial consultation to the decision, how will we treat varicose veins, including aftercare.

"We work to help you and to do our  best for your health," - says Alexander B. Smirnov, the head of  Vascular Surgery Department, vascular surgeon, micro surgeon.


About diseases of the veins

If you suffer from vein problems: venous disease, vascular "stars", varix dilatation or venous leg ulcers, then you are not alone. According to the statistics, 20% of the world population have venous diseases, where 65% - are women and 45% - men.

              Valve dysfunction                                          Healthy valves

Klinika-sosudistoj-hirurgii       Klinika-sosudistoj-hirurgii

In the picture you can see that healthy valves allow blood to move only in one direction. When the valves do not work properly, blood can flow in the opposite direction, creating a voltage and damaging the vessel walls. It leads to varicose veins.

Unfortunately, this disease can not disappear by itself, and with time the situation is only getting worse, complicating the treatment. Folk remedies not treat varicose veins.

What is the cause of vein diseases?

One of the main causes of vein diseases is heredity. Also, problems with blood vessels may get worse during pregnancy. In a high-risk group there are people whose work involves prolonged standing on their feet, and people who are overweight.
But there is good news. Modern technologies allow to treat vein diseases using safe and effective techniques without surgical intervention. Remember that no matter what the cause of varicose veins is, the specialists of vascular surgery clinic will do everything to solve this problem.

When should I see a doctor?

Very often, venous diseases can be seen on the surface of the skin, but in some cases they can not. Therefore, you should pay attention to a number of symptoms that may indicate the presence of the disease:

  •  Pain
  •  Heaviness
  •  Pulsation
  •  Swelling
  •  Itching and burning
  •  Anxiety
  •  Fatigue
  •  Spasms and convulsions

In most cases, diseases of veins is what  we can see on the surface of the skin, but it often does not show the situation under the skin. For example, a small vascular "star" can only be the "top of the iceberg" of a large vein in the leg. Therefore it is very important to get an expert advice and to have ultrasound diagnostics (duplex scanning of the veins).

Among vascular diseases the most common ones are varicose veins, vascular "stars", thrombosis of superficial and deep veins. Let's talk more about these diseases and how they are treated.

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Most people know very  well how enlarged blue or red varicose veins look like . However, sometimes the disease is not be seen on the skin surface, and we can not see it without a special diagnostic equipment. Most often this disease affects people with a family history of varicose veins. Pregnant women and patients whose job is requires prolonged standing on his feet (nurses, teachers, etc.), are also subjected to this disease.

Varicose veins are caused by a violation of the valves inside the veins, leading to the failure of blood circulation, allowing blood to move in both directions. The force of gravity causes blood to collect in the veins, increasing and deforming them - varicose veins look bulging and overflowing.

In addition to not aesthetically acceptable appearance, varicose veins has a number of side effects: pain in the legs, fatigue, itching and burning, swelling, cramps, throbbing. And over the time, the state of the vessels is only getting worse and can lead not only to operations on the veins, but also to the development of severe complications like thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, trophic ulcers.

How to treat varicose veins

At the for Vascular Surgery Clinic they apply modern methods of treatment of varicose veins. Each method is gentle and minimally invasive. Advanced technologies allow treating it, often without incisions and sutures. It is the key to a quick recovery and good cosmetic effect, with local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Laser surgery - laser treatment of varicose veins is related to the operational methods of treatment. In the Medical Home Odrex this technique is used with ultrasound monitoring of the operation, which meets international standards. About the equipment for operations with the use of laser can be read here

Radiofrequency obliteration of veins surface  - is a low-impact and gentle treatment of varicose veins with the modern method Closure Fast, using radio waves. This  world-recognized method is particularly effective for the treatment of very thick varicose veins and complicated forms of varicose veins. You can read more about the apparatus for radio-frequency obliteration veins Closure Fast here

Miniphlebectomy – is a removal of varicose veins by punctures using microsurgical instruments.

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Vascular "stars"

Vascular "stars" (or vascular grid on legs) are very thin veins that are close to the skin surface. They look like the marble surface or similar to the red, blue or green gossamer just under the skin. Vascular "stars" are caused by the accumulation and stagnation of blood, they are very small varicose veins, and usually do not cause discomfort. But very often the vascular "stars" are the continuation of a large varicose vein, which is located deep under the skin and causes suffering. Therefore, the  treatment of vascular "stars" is held not only to correct a cosmetic defect, but also for therapeutic purposes.


How to treat vascular "stars"

In the of Vascular surgery department  we offer drug hardening (or sclerotherapy), which allows to remove small intradermal vascular "stars" with the microinjection of special drugs.

The method of sclerotherapy "closes" abnormal veins and free blood is naturally redirected to other healthy veins.


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Venous thrombosis

The increase of the size of veins, swelling, redness, pain in the leg may indicate the possibility of serious health problems such as venous thrombosis. It may involve saphenous veins, causing thrombophlebitis. If the blood clots are located in the deep veins, it is called deep veins thrombosis.

Many people with varicose veins suffer from pain, swelling, heaviness and fatigue in the legs. In some cases, the veins in the legs can become inflamed and even more painful - it is a reason to suspect the formation of blood clots.

Deep vein thrombosis – is a very dangerous condition that can cause serious complications. If a blood clot comes off and gets into the pulmonary artery, clogging it, it can be fatal.

Taking in consideration the potential health risks because of varicose veins, people with swollen, painful veins have to ask for professional help of a vascular surgeon.

If you have symptoms of varicose veins - do not delay, contact the specialists of the Medical Home Odrex today by phone (048) 730-00-30, or sign up on the website in the form of "Appointments"

Options for treatment of varicose veins

We offer the most advanced treatment for varicose veins!

At the Vascular Surgery Clinic of Medical Home Odrex they present advanced equipment in the area of phlebology, such as a laser system Medilas D LiteBeam+ company Dornier MedTech (Germany) with a wavelength of 1470 nm and an integrated system of protection of the fiber from overheating (LPS), which prevents the risk of damage to the tissues of the patient.

The Medical Home Odrex uses one of the first in Ukraine RF generator VNUS of Company COVIDIEN (USA). Due to the constant heating to a temperature of 120 ° C, this method leads to a change in the inner layer of varicose veins, followed by its complete closure.

Mobile ultrasound research system TOSHIBA Viamo (Japan), which belongs to the expert class, provides images of excellent quality - a major factor of the successful diagnosis of all situations. Moreover, each operation is performed under a mandatory ultrasound control.

Operations are made by leading vascular surgeons of Southern Ukraine with the work experience at the regional vascular center.


The resource base of the Medical Home Odrex allows to carry out any treatment of veins, including pressotherapy and hardening of the vascular "stars" and reticular veins using transluminator Veinlite®. And in the modern inpatient unit there are all conditions for maximum comfort and convenience, which also has a positive effect on the efficiency and speed of treatment.

Thermo coagulation of varicose veins – is the most modern way to remove varicose disease, tried-and-true method in Europe and America, which includes laser and radio-frequency method. Thermo coagulation of varicose veins, in contrast to traditional surgery for varicose disease, allows to interrupt the blood flow in varicose veins without having to remove them, thereby improving venous blood flow in the limb without long time rehabilitation.

Radiofrequency coagulation of varicose veins, presented at the Vascular Surgery Clinic of Medical Home Odrex, has no analogues in the South Ukraine and it is performed by our specialists first time in our country!

Find out more about the equipment we use here

Surgery of a "lunch time"? This is reality!

Modern technologies and treatment methods used in Medical Home Odrex, allow the operation to remove varicose deseasess within a few hours.


Compared with the standard operation on varicose veins, varicose vein thermo coagulation method is less traumatic, so it is possible to use it even with local anesthesia. Due to the laser beam or radio frequency beam there is a "bonding" of varicose veins, and it eliminates the need for mechanical extraction and as a result, does not entail hematomas, cuts and sutures, need in hospitalization and prolonged rehabilitation. The patient spends a few hours in the hospital, and after being operated he out on his feet!

Operations on arteries

In the Medical Home Odrex operations are carried out on the main limbs, on the aorta and the neck arteries.

To find out which method is right for you, consult one of our vascular surgeons. Sign up for the consultation by phone (048) 730-00-30 or on the website in the form "Appointments"

Where and how to treat varicose veins

For people who suffer from varicose veins, it can be quite difficult to decide where and how to treat the disease, especially when there is a large variety of offers. We want to draw your attention to some of the most important parameters to be considered during the decision-making:


Today, you can find a lot of offers to treat varicose vein disease from different doctors, but not all of them are equally qualified in this area. The patient should seek a phlebologist or a vascular surgeon who has special training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.

The group of phlebologists and vascular surgeons in Vascular Surgery Department of Medical Home Odrex meets the strict standards of the European level, has extensive practical experience and continuously improve the level of their professionalism.

Qualitative diagnosis

For successful treatment of varicose veins it is required to use the modern diagnostic equipment. At the Vascular Surgery Clinic of Medical Home Odrex they use an ultrasound system of the new generation - Toshiba Viamo (Japan), which opens up unique possibilities of ultrasound diagnostics. Due to the program of virtual ultrasound navigation, the system allows to assess comprehensively the anatomy of the smallest vessels and deep veins and arteries, and as accurately as possible to determine the place of an invasive procedure if it is necessary.

Each operation is carried out under the mandatory ultrasound control. It allows to see all the venous system in the smallest details, which is especially important in the treatment of deep vein.

Choice of treatment options

Each patient with varicose vein disease should choose a doctor who can treat all the spectrum of vein diseases, has experience in the use of advanced minimally invasive techniques, and their combinations.

The financial policy of the clinic

One of the important issues during the treatment –is  financial. Financial policy of Vascular Surgery Department of Medical Home Odrex is clear and simple. You will know  about all the necessary expenses before the start of treatment. We work successfully to make the reatment in Odrex cost less than in other Ukrainian hospitals with consistently high quality of services.

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Scenario treatment

Your first consultation will be with one of the leading specialists in the treatment of venous diseases in Odessa. During the consultation the doctor will examine your condition, discuss your diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan. If you have any further questions, you can be assured you will receive all detailed information.
If the disease is detected the at the initial consultation, the next step is an ultrasound diagnosis for drawing up a detailed "map" of the venous blood flow, which will show the path of blood through the problematic veins, and where the origin of disease is. It will give a detailed picture of the your varicose veins system to the expert.

Patients are often surprised when they learn how extensive and complex system of varicose veins is under the skin, and that it is not limited by the visible part. This is very important information for a vascular surgeon, which allows to select a safe and effective treatment.

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The level of equipment in Medical Home Odrex and high professionalism of doctors made it possible to cooperate of our leading medical clinics with the Ukrainian TV project - "I feel ashamed of my body" on the channel "STB".


What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins occur because of the "brocken" valve veins, causing the blood to flow in the wrong direction. As a result, the blood stagnates, and the veins swell. Varicose veins can be seen in the form of thickened tortuous veins and small, thread-like vascular "nets" on the surface of the skin. However, varicose veins may develop deep under the skin, where we can not see it. This disease causes dull pain, fatigue and swelling of the legs, burning and itching, throbbing, muscle cramping, and general anxiety in the legs. Varicose veins requires professional treatment.

What causes varicose veins?

More than 80% of diseases are genetic. Although there are factors that can worsen the disease of veins - a pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing on the feet.

What are a vascular "stars" on the legs?

Vascular "stars" on the legs are a small varicose veins. Although they mostly cause cosmetic discomfort , deep veins, which are linked with these "stars",  can cause serious problems. Often patients have a combination of both varicose veins. In any case, such a situation requires professional consultation of a vascular surgeon.

What is the hardening of veins?

During this procedure varicose veins or a vascular "star" is injected with a special drug, which "glues up" a diseased vein and thus stops the blood flow in it. A sclerosed  vein in some time narrows and "disappears". This procedure does not require hospital treatment, it does not leave scars and has a good cosmetic effect.

What happens to the vein after the treatment?
After the treatment varicose veins become isolated from the other veins in the leg, allowing the body to naturally redirect blood flow to healthy veins. A "closed" during the treatment vein is naturally resolved by the body.

How effective is the treatment of veins diseases in the Vascular Surgery Clinic of Medical Home Odrex?

Our methods are very effective, and meet modern international standards. The results of treatment depends on the individuality of each patient, but 95% of our patients get fast and high quality results and a good cosmetic effect.

Do I need to go to the clinic for medical treatment?

Most of the methods of treatment used in the Vascular Surgery Department of  Medical Home Odrex, are held at outpatient department at a convenient time for the patient. Usually, you can return to most of their usual duties on the day of the procedure.

Where are doctors in the Vascular Surgery Department of Medical Home Odrex  trained?
Phlebology – is a relatively new medical specialty devoted to the treatment of venous diseases. But our doctors already have successful experience in this area, which guarantees the quality and high standards of care, as well as giving the opportunity to teach new skills. Today we maintain the highest level of knowledge and are leaders in the treatment of vascular diseases in the south of Ukraine.

Do you treat varicocele, and in which way?

The treatment of i varicocele n Medical Home Odrex involves urologists and vascular surgeons. The treatment is carried out surgically with superimposed venous anastomoses. We encourage you to come for a consultation of our specialists.

Do you still have questions? Ask our vascular surgeons your question by phone (048) 730-00-30 or visit the FAQ page