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The Medical Home Odrex opened a new ophthalmologic department, which represents the modern cataract surgery at level of the world leading ophthalmic clinics.

Cataracts — a disease of the eyes connected with lenticular opacity and causing various degrees of visual impairment up to it complete loss.


Now you're just in three steps away from the opportunity to restore your sight and tosee the world in all its colors and details!

Step 1: Preoperative preparation, which includes examination of an ophthalmologist, general examinations according to the protocol of Ministry of Health and the selection of an artificial lens to suit your individual needs. We offer flexible artificial lenses of German and American manufacturers.

Step2: The operation to replace the lens or phacoemulsification is performed using the device AMO Signature Whitestar (USA) and an operating microscope Zeiss (Germany).

Take advantage of a special offer — package «Cataract treatment» for 9600 UAH

Step 3: The minimum period of rehabilitation. The very next day after the operation you will be able to return to everyday life, to drive and to perform normal daily functions.

Make an appointment to ophthalmic surgery by phone (048) 730-00-30

10 reasons why you should choose a Medical Home Odrex for the treatment of cataracts:

1. You will be cured by a leading expert on cataract extraction, an ophthalmosurgeon — Taras Dushenchuk.

2. Medical home Odrex has created all necessary conditions for high-quality diagnosis and treatment. Surgical operations are carried out in a special innovative ophthalmic operating room of the twenty-first century. Here, everything is organized in details: the doctor works on the most modern ophthalmologic equipment and the patient is in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

3. The instruments which the doctor uses, allow to operate safely, efficiently and with a minimum period of rehabilitation.

4. Generally, the operation takes 15 - 20 minutes.

5. Is it possible to treat cataract of any complexity.

6. The operation is performed under local anesthesia.

7. Replacement of the lens is carried seamlessly through micro-incision.

8. Operations are made at any time of the year.

9. The ophthalmic hospital is provided.

10. You can restore 100% vision at any age.

Do not delay! Cataracts needs to be operated. It is possible to cure cataract only by surgical substitution of cataract by the artificial one — intraocular lens.

Make an appointment to ophthalmic surgery by phone (048) 730-00-30