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First in the Odessa region, Medical Home Odrex, together with a team of doctors from Sapir Medical Clinic (Israel), offer a full cycle of care. Sapir Medical Clinic is the official representative of six major hospitals in Israel.


International Affiliate Program — this is quick and effective assistance in solving the most difficult clinical situations. The program covers all medical services necessary for rapid diagnosis, consultation and comprehensive treatment for any medical field. The range of products included in the program, allows doctors to engage in work with the patient at any stage of treatment, starting with the diagnosis and ending of secondary revision of biopsy.

We will help find the right solution for each patient, even in the most desperate situations.

International partnership Program  is:

• Another independent opinion on the problem identified;

• Second opinion on instrumental studies conducted on the basis of the Medical Home Odrex;

• Another professional opinion of a definitive diagnosis (oncology, biopsy);

• Treatment in Israel;

• Surgical treatment of an international team of surgeons at the hospital based in Medical Home Odrex.