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Virtual tour

On—line consultation Israeli doctor — a professional diagnosis at arm's length.

To conduct online consultation, it is necessary to provide medical information to the international cooperation department of the Medical Home Odrex. Documentation will be reviewed by doctors of Sapir MC for three days. After processing, if necessary, you can get advice on conduction of additional instrumental studies at the Medical Home Odrex.

All studies conducted on the basis of the medical home Odrex, accepted by the specialists of Israel.

After all the necessary medical information  you will be assigned for on—line consultation. Date and time are determined by taking into account with your wishes and possibilities of Israeli experts. Consultation is going to be held in a studio in Medical Home Odrex. If necessary, you may invite specialists from Medical House Odrex for on—line consultation.

According to the results of the consultation, you get a protocol  the conclusion of the Israeli doctors, diagnosis and recommendations to address the identified problem.