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For an opinion and the treatment plan, you can stay in an Israeli hospital Sapir Medical Clinic. You need to collect all medical materials and provide them to international cooperation department of the Medical Home Odrex.

Materials reviewed by doctors of Sapir MC for three days. After processing, if necessary, you can get advice on conduction of additional instrumental studies at the Medical Home Odrex.

All studies conducted on the basis of the Medical Home Odrex can be taken for specialists in Israel.


After a comprehensive review of all medical materials you get a preliminary plan  the conclusion of treatment and diagnosis in an Israeli hospital. The plan includes:

  • Length of stay;
  • Plan  Protocol stay;
  • List of medical events;
  • Contacts of clinic and personal coordinator;
  • Expenses for planned medical interventions;
  • A summary of the attending physician;

International Cooperation Department of Medicine Home Odrex prepares a full range of services for medical treatment in an Israeli hospital, «from hands to hands» as well as, if necessary, will provide support during travel to Israel.