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In Medical Home Odrex you can get rid of varicose veins simply and quickly. The most modern techniques and more than 15 years of experience.

Our experts have developed a unique proposal for the treatment of varicose veins. "All inclusive" package. Cost - 42 000 UAH.


The cost of the "All Inclusive" package includes:

  • initial consultation of a vascular surgeon
  • duplex ultrasound investigation of blood vessels (veins) of lower extremities
  • repeated consultation of a vascular surgeon
  • complete package of preoperative examinations
  • preoperative consultation of an anesthesiologist
  • the operation of the relevant category
  • hospital stay
  • food
  • 4 postoperative dressings
  • postoperative jersey
  • medicines takeaway (if necessary)

The price is for 1 leg surgery. Discounts on the cards do not apply.

Make an appointment with a vascular surgeon at (048) 730-00-30 or on our website (button "Appointments" in the upper right corner).

Vascular surgery department at the Medical Home Odrex — is a professional association of vascular surgeons, who specialize on the treatment of venous diseases and use advanced minimally invasive techniques. We have gathered a team of talented professionals who are experts in the area of vascular surgery. At our disposal there are all advanced technologies and innovative equipment. We believe that love to our  work and striving for perfection have enabled us to become leaders in this industry.

Specialists of Vascular Surgery Clinic have extensive experience in minimally invasive treatment of venous disease: from tiny spider veins to complicated cases of varicose veins. Daily experience and practice allow us to know all the details of the treatment and all the difficulties faced by our patients.


For more information about the Department of Vascular Surgery, visit site

Make an appointment with a vascular surgeon by (048) 730-00-30.