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Medical Home Odrex is a modern family medicine facility, created by European standards, and its work is organized by European protocols of diagnostics and treatment of patients.


Family Medicine is designed to solve a number of important tasks, such as:

  • Health Family
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Rehabilitation procedures
  • Primary diagnosis
  • Consultation of specialists
  • Care of the first days of life

Solving these problems correctly is the priority of the institution of Family Physicians Medical Home Odrex.

The family doctor, or general practitioner, is a multi—specialist with all the skills and knowledge that allow him to diagnose and treat most illnesses.

The family doctor, in the first place, knows the history of the life and health of patients, formulates a prevention program, and also minimizes the risks of the development and the emergence of diseases.

This means that seven days a week and 24 hours a day, a family physician will guard your health. With special attention, using the latest research techniques, your family doctor will provide a complete and accurate map of the state of health based on individual risk factors. According to the research, the patient receives recommendations.

If necessary, diagnostic testing and scheduled outpatient treatment will be provided.

If necessary, you can use «Calling a Doctor». In no time, you will be given the necessary care at home.

Medical Home Odrex takes responsibility for the preservation and enhancement of the health of all your family members. It is designed to solve any problem with the best specialists  doctors with many years of experience. You can be sure that the work of Medical Home Odrex is based on the latest international developments in the field of medicine with the use of high-tech medical equipment.