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The surgical department presents modern methods of surgical correction of various diseases. Widely performed:

  • General surgical operations
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Operations on vessels (arteries and veins)
  • Microsurgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Proctologic
  • Gynecological


When creating a surgical department, emphasis was placed primarily on the latest technology related to vascular surgery with the pathology that prevails in today's society.

Equipment and technology of the 21st century, presented in the surgical department of the Medical Home Odrex, allows unique operations on the arteries and veins, including microsurgical technique:

  • Radiofrequency obliteration of the veins — low—impact, gentle treatment of varicose veins modern method Closure Fast. It is a globally— recognized method of treatment which is particularly effective for the treatment of very broad varicose veins, complicated forms of varicose disease.
  • Laser surgery  laser treatment of varicose disease falls in category of surgical treatments. In the Medical Home Odrex, this technique is performed using ultrasound monitoring of the operation that meets international standards.
  • Intravascular sclerosis  allows doctors to remove small intradermal vascular «stars» by injecting of a special preparation inside vascular lumen.
  • Mini phlebotomy  elimination of varicose veins through punctures using microsurgical instruments

Laparoscopy is the «gold standard» in general surgery and gynecology in the treatment of many diseases. Medical home Odrex also performs all kinds of laparoscopic surgery. As well as surgeries of breast and thyroid, proctology operations, including a new minimally invasive treatment for hemorrhoids  transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD).

The operating unit of the surgical department is equipped with modern autonomic, high purity ventilation system. Modern operating tables not only provide comfort for the surgeon, but also the safety of the patient. It also includes the arsenal of anesthesiology equipment of last generation. Modern Xray surgical equipment allows control of the operations on vessels and bones. Special shadowless LED bulbs produce very soft and natural light. Autonomous air conditioning, humidification, air purification and sterilization allow doctors to maintain optimal operating conditions.