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Intensive Care Unit is designed for the stay of patients in the postoperative period, as well as to assist patients requiring intensive care and 24 hour monitoring.


The intensive care department is equipped with modern chambers designed for one or two people.  Each ward has installed system with surveillance of all vital functions of patients. Individual air conditioning and heating system allow patients to maintain the optimum temperature.

The department has everything for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and mechanical ventilation in different modes, to maintain and ensure the functioning of the body of the patient in critical condition.

In the ICU the anesthetizing and treatment of patients with severe pathologies and different comorbidities is possible. Doctors can perform conductive anesthesia, epidural and spinal (including monolateral) anesthesia, general anesthesia, including intravenous anesthesia and combined anesthesia with mechanical ventilation.

The complex intensive therapy methods of efferent therapy base of dialysis, ultra filtration and plasmapheresis.